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KRAPCO specializes in long-term research, development, and implementation of the most advanced technologies into processing factories. Core portfolio consists of universal Pick-and-Place Robotic machines, Sorting machines, and fully automated Processing factories. Our priority is to provide efficient innovative solutions by continuously keeping pace with technological advancements.

Industrial Solutions


Innovative solutions for fast and efficient packaging into cartons. We offer an unmatched method of handling individual or pre-packaged items.



Precise and reliable solutions for material sorting, not only for the food industry. Extensive range of machines has been developed after 20 years of R&D and collaboration with leaders.



Efficient and specialized solutions for cracking shell fruits, ensuring material suitable for further processing in a food environment.



Stainless steel storage solutions ensuring hygiene, efficiency and seamless material transfer, while being fully customizable.



Ideal solutions for the necessary accessories to operate our equipment, ensuring streamlined and improved processing efficiency.


Custom Solutions

We're here to craft a custom solution designed for your business.

Custom Solutions

Processing Plant

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KRAPCO specializes in supplying fully automated complete Processing factories for shelled fruits, offering a comprehensive range of technologies to support every stage of the production cycle, from nut washing and cracking, calibrating and sorting, right through to the final packaging.

Implemented Solutions

  • Dorziflex Horne Kapusany

    Self-cleaning dual Sieves MFS800 implemented in a walnut processing factory in Hungary, in 2015. This innovative device precisely divides walnuts into 4 fractions. With 2 additional BLOW1000 Blowers, which efficiently remove dust and husks, this calibration tower achieves a capacity of 1 ton/hour.

  • Tvoje Okenice s.r.o, Podunajska Luzna

    Walnut processing factory, built in Bulgaria in 2019. Implemented were CRACK1000 Nut Crackers with a crushing capacity of 2000 kg/hour and a Calibration tower sorting into 6 fractions with cascade sorting using 2 BLOW1000 Blowers and 2 Walso Optical sorters. Special equipment for freezing walnuts was also delivered to increase yield during cracking.

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    Innovative device for creating custom dried fruit gift baskets, constructed in 2017. A robotic arm automatically places dried fruit into wooden bowls, enhancing packaging efficiency in the Czech Republic factory.

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    Implementation of the older version of Casepa150 in 2019, for one of the largest packaging facilities in Slovakia. It is used for handling packages into cartons, providing reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of packaged items.

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    Custom-built factory in Poland in 2019, featuring a Calibration tower sorting into 9 fractions and using 3 BLOW1000 Blowers. The factory also implements CRACK1000 Nut Crackers with a cracking capacity of 2000 kg/hour and 4 Walso Optical sorting devices. In 2022, an upgrade was performed from the older Walso to new WalsoHSI, transitioning from optical to hyperspectral sorting, to achieve excellent results.

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    In 2020, the construction of a new factory for processing in-shell walnuts for the Topko brand was completed. The entire process, from washing, drying,calibration, cracking, to sorting, is automated, without the need for manual sorting. The entire line is operated by only two operators.

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    Casepa LG45 was being offered in the Czech Republic in 2016. The device features three robotic arms and is used for packing boxes of various sizes into cartons, stacking cartons, with automatic sealing of the bottom and top sides of the box.

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    Walso Optical sorters prepared for delivery to customers in Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova in 2017. An older model of the WalsoHSI device used for sorting walnut kernels from shells based on information from an Optical camera.

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    Washing line for walnuts in green husks for a Slovak walnut grower with a capacity of 3,000 kg/hour, serving as the first stage of the processing.

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    At the end of 2016, Krapco won a competitive bidding process to supply Pick-and-Place Robotic machines to the leading freezing company in the Czech Republic, expanding company’s potential in the frozen food industry.

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After-sale services


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UPGRADESoftware / Hardware

We constantly keep up with technological advancements and inform our clients about mechanical and software innovations.


In the case of time-consuming repairs, we offer a one-to-one machine exchange, ensuring uninterrupted operation for you.


KRAPCO collaborates with multiple subcontracting firms, carefully chosen during the entire machinery development process.

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