KRAPCO is an innovative company that began its operations in 1997, based on the extensive experience of its founding members in the development of machinery. Our research and development focus, through innovative technologies such as robotics and machine control, has always been aimed at reducing human intervention, accelerating production, and, most importantly, optimizing the manufacturing process of our clients, primarily in the food industry. After years of continuous development and prototyping, we have achieved fully functional models that are available to customers also through rental or payment schedule.

Our solutions guarantee efficient management of finances, time, and production space of our clients. One of the primary benefits is the rapid economic return on investment in our equipment. Because our machines can work quickly and continuously, we can reduce the time spent on individual steps in the production process and thereby minimize or eliminate issues associated with the human factor. Space savings are guaranteed by the compact dimensions of our machines.


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We design highly reliable machines that are intended for trouble-free and uninterrupted operation. Development is based on valuable experience gained during years of R&D directly in production.

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We have a skilled and educated management team, that ensures the delivery of high-quality innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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We collaborate with multiple subcontractors for mechanical production, providing us with maximum flexibility, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and delivery deadlines of our machines.

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We offer customer-oriented support, tailoring our equipment to the customer's needs with full servicing, while maintaining universal usability of the delivered devices.

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We implement upgrades even for older versions of our technologies. Through continuous technological development, we inform our clients about mechanical and software innovations to help their technological solutions progress and become even more efficient.

KRAPCO specializes in supplying fully automated complete Processing factories for shelled fruits, offering a comprehensive range of technologies to support every stage of the production cycle, from nut washing and cracking, calibrating and sorting, right through to the final packaging.

Our offerings include Pick-and-Place Robotic machines, Optical Hyperspectral, Mechanical or Aerodynamic Sorting machines, Nut Cracking machine, as well as associated Accessories tailored for the food industry and other industrial sectors.

Technical solutions


Minimizing the costs of food processing in the food industry has been one of our main themes since the beginning of our business. We achieved this for the first time 20 years ago when we designed our very first Walnut Sorting technology and built automated Processing factory for – Topko International. From that moment, we embarked on a marathon of research, development, innovation, and keeping pace with technological progress.

We have consistently received positive feedback on our Pick-and-Place Robotic machines, thanks to their assembly based on 20 years of experience in the food packaging industry. Furthermore, our technology was being developed and fine-tuned for a full year in real operation in the largest packaging company in Slovakia – ENCINGER .

Company began offering complete technological factories for processing shelled fruit, such as a walnut Processing factory for – HUNLAND FOOD Kft. Hungary. In June 2016, the company won a six-month tender, competing successfully against multinational companies, to supply a product stacking Pick-and-Place Robotic machine for the LEGO Group. At the end of 2016, the company also won a competitive bidding process to supply Pick-and-Place Robotic machines to the leading freezing company in the Czech Republic – Agrimex Vestec a.s., further expanding its potential in the frozen food industry.